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Іноземна мова


Голова приймальної комісії

Ректор університету____________   Д.Г.Лук’яненко

Протокол №  5     від «25»__травня__2021 р


на освітній рівень „Магістр”

на основі здобутого освітнього рівня «Магістр» / освітньо-кваліфікаційного рівня «Спеціаліст»

з дисципліні "ІНОЗЕМНА МОВА"

Екзаменаційний білет _____№

Голова  предметної комісії                                                                           О.Л.Шевченко

 Task1.  Read the text and choose the best word to fill the gap from the choices A – D below the extract. There is an example at the beginning (0).


A 0) …wealth can best be determined by looking at its people. But it is difficult to rely 1) …any statistics.

There are many different ways to determine wealth. Economists define wealth as what a person owns, such as stocks and2) …  estate, but many people look first to their level of income to see if they are well3) ….Comparing salaries in different countries, however, is like comparing apples and oranges,4) … the salaries in each country are paid in different currencies. We need to somehow 5) … what each person earns into a common unit of measurement.

One way of translating salaries is to first compare the value of the currencies of the countries in question. This is usually done by using 6) … rates that tell us the value of one currency calculated in terms of another.

Because the7) … of living varies widely from one country to8) …, however, it is difficult to translate salaries by simple using currency exchange rates. It is sometimes more valuable to look 9) … what salaries will actually buy in each country. A salary's "purchasing power" tells us how many goods and services it can actually buy. Comparing the cost of a group of goods and services from country to country, therefore, gives us a more reliable exchange rate, called purchasing power 10) ….

  1. A) nation’s     B) nationals C) nation  D) state’s


  1. A) for                   B) to                   C) on                       D) at
  2. A) true                  B) real                C) really                  D) genuine
  3. A) of                     B) out                 C) on                       D) off  
  4. A) because            B) because of      C) though               D) despite
  5. A) translate            B) transmit         C)  paraphrase            D) alter
  6. A)  exchanging       B) change            C) changing            D) exchange
  7. A )price                  B) cost                 C)  value                 D) expense
  8. A)the other            B) other                C)another              D) others
  9. A) on                      B) for                    C) at                       D) forward
  10. A) parity                B) equation            C) strength             D) equality

TaskІІ.  Identify the one underlined word or phrase that would not be acceptable in standard written English.

  1. Stars derive their energy from thermonuclear reactions that take place in their heat
                         A                  B                                                         C                     D

    2. Diamonds have the unique ability to allow the passage of neither infrared and visible light.
                           A                         B                                             C                                D
    3. Most of our ideas of what ancient people looked and dressed come from the works of Renaissance
                                           A                                         B                            C                 D

    4. All   nations   may   have to make   fundamental   changes in   their economic,   political,   and  
                                             A                                          B             
    the technological institutions if they are to preserve the environment.
                      C                                               D
    5.  A monsoon is an enormous cycle of air set in motion by differences temperature over land and Sea.
                                         A                              B                                      C                         D
    6. Drug abuse have become one of America's most serious social problems.
                              A                     B                        C                               D
    7. Many birds will, in the normal course of their migrations, flying more than three thousand miles
                                                                       A                          B               C                                   
    to reach their winter homes.
    8. The greater number of dentists in smallest towns shows either that dentists don't like big cities or
           A                                                       B                                                                               C
    there are now more dentists.
    9.  In Ground Control Approach, the air traffic controller informs the pilot how far is the plane from
                                                                      A                       B                                         C
    the touchdown point.
    10. To receive a degree from an American university, one must take many courses beside those in
                A                                                                                                                           B       C
    one's major field.
    11. In England as early as in the twelfth century, young boys enjoyed to play football.
               A                   B                         C                                                     D
    12. People with exceptionally high intelligence quotients may not be the best employees since they
                                     A                                                                                 B
    become bored of their work unless the job is constantly changing.
                      C                                                                           D
    13. A galaxy, where may include billions of stars, is held together by gravitational attraction.
                              A                                     B          C                        D
    14. The children's television program called "Sesame Street" was seeing in 84 countries in 1989.
                    A                                             B                                          C                               D
    15. Gunpowder,  the most effective of all the explosive materials, were a mixture of
                                           A                    B                             C            D
    potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur.

TaskІІІ.  Open the brackets using the correct form of the word. There is an example at the beginning (0).

0- By 2020 the first men (land) on the planet Mars.

0 - will have landed

  1. A new partnership agreement (to draw up) by August.
  2. If I were President I (to spend) more money on doctor’s salary.
  3. Here is my report. I (to finish) it at last.
  4. These days food (to get) more expensive.
  5. If you (to prepare) the materials we will publish them in our report.
  6. A specialist recruiter assists job seekers in (to find) new employment.
  7. He loves his job. He (to work) for this company since he graduated from the university.
  8. We (to buy) the tickets long before we went to the conference to Warsaw.
  9. We (to talk) about safety procedures when the fire alarm went on.
  10. He (to check) all balances before he closed the books.
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