Навчально-науковий інститут бізнес-освіти (друга вища освіта)

MBA (english)

Master's Programme in English Executives "Masterof Business Administration"

Programme DirectorViktoriia Apalkova, PhD, Associate professor.

Coordinator of the program: Nataliya Moskalyuk, PhD,Associate professor,Deputy Director of the Institute of Business Education

The peculiarity of the MBA program is a synthesis of specialized software that combines the second higher education and business education.

The curriculum is based on the US-Canadian model business schools in Chicago, Harvard and Toronto. 

Objectives: the program aims to prepare senior executives management training a new generation of competitive labor market capable of creative professional and innovative management in a global competition.


  • integrated knowledge system, combining full fundamental economic education with practical skills in decision-making, teamwork, negotiation, communication and presentation etc. for professional work in the field of business management;
  • Graduates of the program receive a master's degree in Business Administration and International Business School Certificate UK - London School of Business and Finance  (London), Great Britain.

Programme strengths:

  • universality for different spheres future activities;
  • compliance with the requirements national and international business environment;
  • practical orientation to real business, ethical aspects of business development of new approaches to the management company;
  • leading instructors with the experience of teaching abroad;
  • interactive lectures and trainings delivered by the practitioners from the well-known Ukrainian and international companies.


(The second higher Education)

1.Business Foundation Knowledge

  • Economics: Microeconomics
  • Economics: Macroeconomics
  • Entrepreneurship: Module 1 – Economy of firms; Module 2 – Entrepreneurship and Business Culture
  • Financial and Financial policy : Module 1 – Financial; Module 2 - Financial policy
  • Management and organizational behavior / theory
  • Business  Statistics
  • Accounting: Module 1 – Accounting; Module 2 - Taxation
  • Global Economics
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics for Economists

2.General Business Knowledge

  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Management
  • Personnel Management
  • International Management
  • Information systems and innovation management
  • Operational Management
  • Leadership and effective communication
  • Project Management
  • Managing Competitiveness
  • Socio-psychological training "Development of the personality of the manager"

3. Specialized Area Students are required to choose disciplines :

  • Controlling
  • Company development management
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Risk Management
  • Financial and investment consulting
  • Financial controlling
  • Management of Corporate Finances
  • Project financing

4. Module of practical training :

  • Training Course "European business practices of corporate social responsibility
  • Consulting Project
  • Master's degree work


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