Institute of Business Education

About Institute of Business Education

The Institute of  Business Education is a co-ordination, education methodological and administrative unit of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University, which trains specialists of the highest qualification with the Master's degree in Economics, Business, Management and Law on the basis of the higher education (with the Specialist or Master degree).

The Mission of the Institute is to educate highly professional specialists in the field of Economics, Management and Law on the basis of modern curricula, novel education methodologies and technologies that harmoniously combine the academic higher education with the practical component, and meet requirements of international standards.

Today, about 1 000 students study at the Institute of  Business Education, but the training process is customised thanks to the flexible time schedule of examination sessions and the optimum number of students in groups. Teachers know their students well; they know the demands, interests and objectives that they pursue while obtaining the second higher education. As a result, we are able to meet the demands of the audience to the greatest extent possible on the basis of the current instruction curricula.

Authoritative teachers of Vadym Hetman KNEU, most of whom have practical experience, researchers of the National Academy of Sciences, managers of firms, management practitioners and high-ranking public officials are involved into teaching of a number of disciplines and guiding the thesis work.

Our HR policy calls for the invitation of foreign specialists for the teaching work. In order to use their experience and knowledge, we organise not only lectures for students, but also workshops for teachers, seminars, discussions and scientific conferences. Over the past few years, we had courses presented by professors from the USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Turkey and Poland.  We consider this as an important competitive advantage of our business centre among similar institutions in Ukraine and a solution for the most pressing issue of all business schools in the world: the need to increase the percentage of management practitioners among teachers.

Main Objectives:

1. Focus on the profound specialist training while preserving a high level of the theoretical knowledge.
2. Consideration of practical needs and demands by developing various programmes elaborated on the basis of the international and highly appreciated by domestic and foreign experts.
3. The assurance of the clear practical focus of studies, the training of managers capable of running business efficiently and tackling issues arising in the course of activities of companies and organisations creatively.
4. The implementation of modern instruction methodologies making it possible to ensure the flexibility of the educational process from the point of view of its venue and time, the choice and accessibility of the material, and consideration of the individual features of students.

Study Specifics. The conceptual ideas of the training of Economics, Management and Law specialists of the European level have been fully implemented in the Institute of  Business Education.

Competitive advantages of our business school are as follows:

  • the diversification of the curricula;
  • the training of MBAs together with foreign partner institutions with the issue of two diplomas
  • the study of foreign languages on the basis of intensive methodologies
  • internship abroad in companies operating in the relevant field of business.

Master's programmes are developed on the basis of two major criteria: the demand for the relevant specialists on the market and the projection of the demand for specialists taking account of international economy development trends. The education must be ahead of practice at all times. For this reason, the Master programmes are quite intensive and rely on the most modern methods of both theoretical and practical instruction.

Our Institute has initiated and implemented actively the efficient forms of practical studies, such as discipline and interdisciplinary training courses, business games, case studies.  It is a creative laboratory for the development of novel educational technologies and methodologies. The teachers are moved dynamically to the new format of lectures with the use of multimedia, and the remote form of study and communication between examination sessions. We are developing toward a system of a permanent on-line contact among teachers and students. The Centre provides students with textbooks and reference materials. It has a dedicated library, a reading room and a computer class.

The Institute provides alumni of all business programmes with a chance to undertake internship abroad for 1 to 6 months in companies in the related sectors in any European country, to gain experience and to establish relations of partnership.

Dozens of our alumni have already made use of this chance. They have established an alumni association and make presentations for our students.

Considering competence to be the "ability of a specialist to apply his knowledge and skills in professional activities", we believe that our students gain this ability in the course of their studies with the Institute. All our students combine the process of mastering of the theoretical knowledge with the practical work. Thus, whatever they gain in lecture halls will be implemented and used by them in practice.

Job Placement. Over the years of the Institute's existence, the leading departments of the university educated more than 12 000 managers occupying key positions in the fields of banking, finance, business and public service. Up to 25% of students change their jobs or are promoted during their studies with the Institute.

There are two types of Master curricula in the Centre:

  • the General Master of Business Administration (MBA) curriculum;
  • specialised master curricula. Specialised curricula are intended for the people, who have already chosen one of functional management areas for their career and wish to obtain a Master's diploma in the chosen speciality.
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