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Master's Programme in English "CORPORATE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT"

Director: O. Tereshchenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor  

The aim of the program is to grant students with the aplied knowledge of financial management in business.  

The learning outcomes for the graduates of this program:   Management of financial services; -  Development of financial strategy and budgeting; - Financial Analysis and Reporting (according to IFRS); -  Cash-flow management and KPI of the company; - Financing of the business (managing debt and equity   of        the company); -  Investment banking, financial and real investments; -  M&A transactions, Due - Diligence; -  Tax consulting and optimization; - Risk management and antirecessionary financial management.

Obtained competences will enable graduates to carry out a successful career in financial services in the industry, in auditing and consulting, banks and insurance companies, public financial institutions, asset management companies

Advantages of the program: • Program lecturers had internship in the best universities in Germany, Switzerland and the United States; work in the financial sector in international companies; • Financial managers of the leading companies as well as lecturers from other countries are teaching specific blocks of lectures; • The possibility of including training at partner’s universities (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Georg- August-Universität Göttingen, Germany); • The subjects standardized to the best world educational programs; • The chance to practice in large international companies. Upon graduation students get the  Master’s Degree in Finance.

  • Financial Controlling 
  • Financial Management 
  • Financial Risk Management 
  • Innovations in Financial Management 
  •  Value Based Management 
  •  Investment Banking and Private Equity 
  •  Accounting under International Financial Reporting Standards 
  •  ERP Systems 
  •  Internal Financial Control 
  •  Quantative and Qualitative Scientific Research Methods  

TARGET AUDIENCE  Our program is for potential leader, who has ambitious targets in business success, wants to maximise returns on his investment, learn how to create the best options for financing high-growth businesses and for those who understands today’s demands for dynamic blend of finance expertise, strategic thinking and highly practical approach.   

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